Farmers and scientists in Burkina Faso work together on agricultural innovation

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In Nadion, a village 175 kilometers from Ouagadougou in Sissili, Burkina Faso, the Nignan family is in a race against the clock. There are only three days left until August and they have not even finished planting their corn crop. Blame it on the sudden drought that shortened the planting season and left the Nignans and other familiess scrambling to make up for lost time. Usually the maize is in the ground by June.

Despite these worries, Abdul Aziz Nignan remains optimistic. The variety of corn seed that he chose to plant, known as « wari, » matures up to 70 days earlier than the average maize variety. He’s been testing different varieties in his fields for four years. The « wari » variety performed the best, which is why he chose it for his fields this year.

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