Maximizing Africa’s potential to feed itself

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“Will 2013 be pinpointed as the year in which Africa’s ‘Green Revolution’ finally took root?” asks Carolyn Fry in her blog post earlier this year.  Let’s hope so.  In the wake of the 10-year anniversary of the Maputo Declaration and the inception of CAADP, the Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA) will host the 6th Africa Agriculture Science Week (AASW) in Ghana next week.  Enabling Africa to feed Africa will be the major theme of this year’s AASW—but this requires much more than just a Green Revolution. Achieving food self-sufficiency is complex and multi-faceted.  A number of opportunities and challenges have been identified on the Agriculture and Ecosystems blog, of which many will likely be discussed next week during AASW.

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