No more sweat : Fufu in a minute.

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Fadegnom Charles loves Fufu. He knows how painstaking it is to make the Ghanaian delicacy, loved by most in the African continent. Charles used to have to sit for hours until it was served on the table, or wait for the weekend when there was spare time for pounding.

Fufu is a popular staple food in West and Central Africa made out of cassava, plantains or yams. It is for Ghanaians what fish and chips are for the Brits and Spaghetti Bolognese for the Italians. The fine dough-like paste in its final form is achieved only after meticulous pounding of the ingredients, for at least 30 minutes, done with the use of the traditional pestle and mortar.  Most African families seek the help of male family members for the task of continuous pounding. Fine hand and eye coordination is also essential to reduce the risk of having one’s fingers pounded…

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