The difference mangoes can make

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Indian farmer Om Prakash Shukul began implementing trees on his farm after following an awareness programme on agroforestry in his community. He was more than happy to talk about his fruit tree-planting activities during an interview:

“I earn from the crop yields as well as by selling mangoes. I am very happy with the results,” he says in the below video.

Om Prakash hopes to earn an income from the mangoes for the next few years, and has in addition planted guava as a security, should his crops fail. By diversifying his farm and adopting this ‘climate-smart’ intervention, he feels better prepared to cope with erratic weather events and the challenges from the changing climate. And he is also earning an income along the way.

To read the full story and see the video, visit the CCAFS website
Photo courtesy S. Sthapit (Ecoagriculture Partners)

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