What livestock farming looks like in modern Africa

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Why are  livestock crucial?

At the household level, agriculture plays a major role in the livelihood security for the majority of the East African population. At the national level, all these households add up to make one, big impact.“In Africa, livestock is responsible for 40% of the agricultural Gross Domestic Product,” explained ShirleyTarawali, Director of Institutional Planning at the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI).

Agriculture is responsible for a large portion of many East African countries’ national GDP: 23.4 percent in Uganda, 28.8 percent in Kenya, 27.7 percent in Tanzania and 46.4 percent in Ethiopia, show figures from the World Bank. At both ends of the spectrum, from smallholder farmers to national GDPs, climate risk threatens to undermine the agricultural sector and the security it brings.

To read the full story by Vivian Atakos, visit the CCAFS blog.

Photo: Gates Foundation

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