Youth Employment: Decent Work for All Young People, Everywhere

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Youth employment is the burning issues ever since last few decades. Today, when people are moving after the safe, secure future, youths, the pillar of the society are unemployed even after being qualified. The government, in context of the developing country like Nepal has become unable to create job opportunities so the ultimate result is brain drain. Even worse is the situation when the youth are indulged in drug addiction, corruption, rape, murder, dacoit, smuggling, kidnapping. Thus the protector turns to destroyer. In the developing countries, about two third of the young people can’t go to school and can’t find a job. There is no access of education which is a basic need of the people. They start the school but can’t complete their secondary education or leave school after secondary level so they work in the irregular, poor quality, low wage jobs. Similarly sex also plays a vital…

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